My First Podcast: Goal Writing

So I finally did it. I started a podcast today. Some of you may have been reading or following my blog and realized that I’ve stated, a few times, that I wanted to do a podcast. This is my first attempt at the podcast, and I know I have a lot of room to improve, but I didn’t want to delay putting my Pilot out there for you to critique. Use the link below to play the mp3 in your browser or download the file.

Download MP3 of the Podcast

I will let you know that my goal is to release a podcast every Sunday, and each podcast will aim to be around 20 minutes long and the topics will be similar to what I write about in my blog posts.

I will also let you know that I plan to put my podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher once I have at least three podcasts under my belt. By posting my podcasts here I can iron out the mistakes I’m making before I release them to a larger audience.

This podcast is about goal writing, similarly to my post Write Your Goals Everyday. I did mention a study in the podcast that I told you I’d post here, so here is the link to that study that I referenced in the show.

This podcast was especially difficult for me as I have never completed a podcast before, and I had to learn all the software and hardware that goes along with podcasting. Honestly, it has been much more difficult than I imagined it to be, but I know I will improve with time and offer a better product for your listening enjoyment. If you’re more experienced in how to produce a podcast please feel free to give me some advice and similarly if you have any questions on how I recorded my first podcast, feel free to let me know!

I don’t ask for much, but I certainly would appreciate any feedback you are willing to share with me if you have listened to the podcast in the link above.

Thanks as always for reading (or I guess thanks for listening in this case) and remember to be great this week!

Robert Krickeberg

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