Write Your Own Obituary

I’m in my final semester at Liberty University before I complete my MBA finally. Today I was reading a chapter about developing your own compelling vision from Lead Like Jesus Revisited (the link will take you to Amazon to buy the book) and it discusses Alfred Nobel’s story. Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and when his brother died, the newspaper accidentally published an obituary for Alfred. In the obituary it outlined what a destructive force that dynamite is. Needless to say, this is not what Alfred intended on being remembered for.

To begin the goal writing process, the question that we should ask ourselves is how do we want our own obituaries to read? This is an important question because writing our own obituaries (or at least the idea of writing it) helps us focus on what we truly want to do and be in life. This should help us develop a clear vision of what our values are. I’d recommend coming up with a list of 3-5 values that we want to be remembered for. These should be the most important values in your life so think about them very carefully and define them very clearly.

After those values are complete, set your goals accordingly. Goals, in my opinion, should be large enough to really get you motivated. They shouldn’t be able to be accomplished in a few weeks. Ordinary goals will only encourage ordinary effort, so write down something that seems on the edge of impossible. Obviously the goals you have written should correspond directly with your values.  Make sure to write goals that are measurable as well, so small steps can be taken to meet those goals.

Lastly, small steps must be taken to meet these goals, and they need to be considered daily. Typically when I wake up in the morning and write my 5 major goals, I write small tasks I can do to meet those goals. One of them for example was to positively influence others to reach for their dreams and goals. Part of that involved me building a successful website and blog that enabled me to help positively influence those around me to continuously grow and reach for their dreams. I want to have at least 100,000 followers and likes on my Facebook page (help me out by liking my page on the link below. Even in a short span, I was able to accomplish a few critical steps to reach this goal (although I wouldn’t call this blog successful yet). Here’s the steps that I broke down in my daily tasks:

  1. Figure out the name of the blog and buy the domain name. The domain had to be available for it to be an acceptable option.
  2. Build the shell of the website (this took me about a day of work).
  3. Start a Facebook page.
  4. Start a Twitter account as well as a Youtube channel.
  5. Write blogs regularly.
  6. Download podcast software and attempt my first podcast.

This is currently where I’m at right now and I literally started this page about a week ago. That’s pretty good progress in a short period of time, and it goes to show a clear plan and small steps lumped together can make a big difference.  If you take action like this that were developed from your core values, to your goals, to your daily tasks it is very likely that you will achieve things you never thought were possible before.

Do these steps regularly and I promise better things will happen for you and your life will become just a little more great!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Robert Krickeberg


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