9 Life Tips for Gaining an Edge

Oftentimes little changes in our routines can make major impacts on our productivity over time.  I’ve created a list of things that I feel help me more productive. Some of these items are much more useful than others, but all of them are things I have implemented in my own life to be more efficient. Check out the list below and please comment with any life hacks that you have implemented.

  1. Writing goals every day – I wrote an in entire post about this, and there’s  a reason I lead off with this goal every single time someone asks me about what’s most important to do in your life. WRITE YOUR GOALS!!! Every morning. Yes it’s excessive and writing your goals every morning can be redundant. I don’t care. Doing it everyday will change your life and you’ll notice the impact within a day or two of doing it. Make sure you write huge life goals, not tasks like doing the laundry. While you have to do the laundry, it shouldn’t be a major goal of yours. I won’t take credit for this idea as I took it straight out of Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average.
  2.  Creating Your Routine – I don’t mean simply thinking about your routine, although visualizing how your day will go has proven to result in more success. I’m talking about writing down (I do it in a Word Document for easy edits and printing everyday) your entire routine so you can nitpick at every detail. You’d be surprised how much waste you can cut out when you intentionally mapped your day. Creating a routine may help you relax better too, because you can set aside a time in your day to simply do nothing, or check out from work, or whatever else you feel like doing. When you live your life with focus on what you’re currently doing, it can and will change everything.
  3. Audio-books – I also wrote a post about this as well. Seriously if you haven’t tried audio-books yet try it today. You can get free audiobooks at Audible by clicking through the following link. (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks). In reality buying audio-books may have been the biggest life changing event for me, as almost every influential book I’ve read recently has been at least partially through listening to it. I’m not going to go into more detail but you can click on my other post about why you should be listening to audio-books if you want to know more.
  4. Shower notepad – Have you ever noticed that a lot of good ideas come to you while you’re in the shower? I had the idea to create a waterproof shower notepad in the shower, only to find out it exists already and you can buy it on Amazon at this link. I honestly don’t use it everyday but sometimes I’m able to map out 3 or 4 critical tasks to do, or brand new ideas in the shower. It’s worth the few bucks that I spent on it.
  5. Shower with cold water – I know this one won’t be popular, but I have started showering with very cold water at the end of the shower for only about 30 seconds.  I have read that it causes pores to close, the immune system to be boosted, and it certainly feels better after I’m out of the shower (although for 30 seconds I am completely miserable). I feel a boost for the next hour or two from doing this.
  6. Pomodoro Technique – This technique typically involves scheduling a short period of time for a task that you think is hardly even possible in that amount of time, setting a timer, and then trying to accomplish that task with intense focus. You can get a lot done in 25 minute bursts, and having a physical timer to remind you to get going is certainly ideal.  You may have seen the tomato timers which are relatively popular kitchen timers. The technique is actually named after those timers, as pomodoro is tomato in Italian. You can read more about this technique here.
  7. Headphones – Obviously if you work in a loud noisy distracting environment, music can help you avoid this distraction. Depending on what task you are doing, different music may help you become more efficient. When I’m concentrating I typically listen to upbeat music with few words.  Creating a playlist that pumps you up is obviously important when working out. Make sure to spend a few minutes choosing the right music for the occasion and then you’re ready to rock-and-roll.
  8. Gum – Chewing gum seems like a small thing, but it can help wake you up, keep you focused, fix your bad breathe, and make you feel less hungry. Obviously chewing gum all day won’t make you better focused all day, but I use it to initiate intense tasks at work that require my deep focus. There are actually quite a few articles that outline the benefits of gum chewing, and a simple google search will find them for you if you have more interest.
  9. Boom Boom – You can buy some Boom Boom from Amazon here. Boom Boom isn’t some illegal drug or sexual act. It’s simply intense smelling inhaler device that clears your nostrils out and provide a pleasant smell for about 10 minutes after you smell it. This one is more fun, and I can’t prove it actually works, but I do know it puts me in a better mood and does help me breathe better before working out. I got this idea from Jordan Belfort’s Way of the Wolf which is a book about sales from the real Wolf of Wall-street.  Perhaps he owns stake in the company and was selling to me? Perhaps, but I think Boom Boom is a fun way to boost your day.

That’s all I have for today friends. I hope you pick up a few of these techniques and that they help make your life a little more great. Remember to comment if you have techniques that have greatly improved your life.

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Robert Krickeberg

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