4 Reasons for YOU to listen to Audiobooks

Practically everyone would say they like to learn and almost everyone says they’d like to read more. I’ve heard statistics that the average American reads less than one book a year. So if everyone likes to learn, and everyone, at the very least, states that they like to learn and that they’d like to read, why are so few people reading?

Personally I was never a very consistent reader so I can empathize with others who don’t consistently read like they should. Here are some of the reasons that people, including myself, have given for not reading more books.

  1.  “I don’t have enough time” – I understand that people don’t have enough time due to the busy lifestyle that 2018 can create for us. Luckily audiobooks are perfect for people who have limited time.  I listen to books during my commute, when getting ready for work, ironing my clothes, and sometimes eating lunch. Essentially I can cram hour of ‘reading’ into a day when I had zero dedicated time to read. In the last year I have listened to around 50 audiobooks simply due to the convenience of the audio format.
  2. “I’m a terrible reader” – I’m not the greatest reader either. Some would say I had to retake 1st grade because I couldn’t read (that may or may not be true). Needless to say I’m a slower than average reader and this is a huge reason why audiobooks are great! You don’t have to read well or read at all. Your 3 year old sitting in the backseat can listen while you listen, which may be a bad thing depending on what you’re listening to.
  3. “I get distracted easily” – I understand this sentiment. I used to get distracted so easily when I was reading that I’d have to reread some paragraphs three times because I would be thinking of something more interesting while I was going through the motion of reading the page.  I feel that audiobooks make it easier to avoid distractions, and if you are slightly distracted it’s easier to rebound back into the content.
  4. “They’re too expensive” – Audiobooks can be somewhat expensive, but luckily I have posted a link that allows you to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks. Audible is an Amazon company and playing books on the app is made very simple. If you buy the kindle book, some books will actually sync your furthest listening spot with your furthest reading spot, which is very convenient. $15 for a book can seem expensive but if you give two free books a try and you don’t feel like you got $15 of value per book, you can simply not buy anymore. It’s very risk free and I’d encourage you to give it a try.

Now that I’ve tried my best to convince you that audiobooks are lifechanging, the content you choose will make all the difference.

I obviously would advise clicking through my recommended books and starting there. I can’t imagine the content of any of those books not being life-changing for you. If they aren’t lifechanging…. I’ll say sorry for the bad recommendation after, but you won’t be dissatisfied.  Good luck listening and hopefully this post helps you make 2018 especially great!

Robert Krickeberg

Extra Tip: Remember to pick a book that you can stand the narrator (Audible allows you to preview to see if the narrator bothers you too much).


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